Sunday, 20 October 2013

Doing Art Among Other Things (Blog Update 21/10/2013)

Hello there ladies, gentlemen and...

Ugh. Getting a bit tired of saying that all the ti- *Ducks under a flying tin can* Alright! Alright! I get it!


Hello there ladies, gentlemen and gamers and welcome to another blog update from yours truly, reporting from the deepest corners of Sonic Punch Studio's creative dungeons!

General Update

Since my last blog update, I have been working on putting together a demo of sorts for my game Bubble Virtuoso (which is available on Google Play and Samsung Apps). While I've nothing worthwhile to mention about it's development, this time around I'm going to try my hand in a few new things that I've never done before so the demo is going to be a test bed of sorts. I'll write up about those things once I start attempting to implement them, but for now what I can say is that development of the demo is going slowly but surely (if a bit haphazardly - geez I need to plan things better).

What Art Stuff?

As the topic of this update implies, I will be talking about what I did on the art side of things. For those who didn't know, I used to work as an artist and pixel/vertex pusher in a company before I moved on game design. Unfortunately, ever since I moved on said company has taken down all traces of my work from the web so I can't really show them to you guys here. Bloody bastards...

As a warm up before I got back into the swing of things game dev related, I've been flexing my artistic muscles in creating some character designs. As an artist, I specialize in character designs, such as the one below:

In my character designs, I tend to do a lot of iterations.
The above character design piece was something I've done as a side project in "preparation" for project "Plan A". It was done as my very first foray into pixel-based sprite design and something I would be keen to pick up again once I have the chance. As such, it took me a while to get used to working with individual pixels - this design took me a week to get it up to this state and it's still not final!

While I specialize in character design, I do conjure up art pieces occasionally - however with me being so busy these years I rarely find the time to draw anything unless if it is work-related. Nevertheless, work-related or not, I've set up a Tumblr gallery showcasing my art work from the past and present! I'll update my gallery on the occasion that I'm able to draw something (or scrounge up past noteworthy pieces in my jumbled archives), so look out for it!

Visit my Tumblr gallery HERE!

In Closing

So that's it for this blog update. The development of the demo should be finished quite soon (in a week or two if I can manage to keep up my current momentum) - after that I will be starting to create my press kit and deal with all the promotion stuff that never seems to end!

Before I sign off,  a question to all of the developers out there - how are you able to attract attention from journalists and other audiences to your own studio? What's your secret in letting people know that your studio exists?

Signing off now - Be sure to check back for more updates from Sonic Punch Studio!

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