Wednesday, 10 July 2013

After a long slumber... (Blog Update 11/07/2013)


Hello ladies, gentlemen and gamers and welcome to the long-belated blog update here at the Sonic Punch Line - where the shenanigans within Sonic Punch Studios are brought to light!

First of all - Apologies

As some of you guys may have noticed - I have been somewhat inactive for the past month, both on updating my blog and on Twitter ("@S_Punch_Studio", follow meh!). The reason for this was that I kind of needed a break from all of my dev related stuff (which includes blog updates and keeping up with my Tweets). I know it's sort of unannounced, but trust me - when you're tackling everything between game development, social media and P.R. for an extended period of time, you need a break, lest your mind breaks first.

So without saying much, I'm now back in action and ready to do some real work!

What have I been up to

Even though I was taking it easy, it doesn't necessarily mean I wasn't doing something. For the past month I have been learning on-and-off the art of making YouTube videos. You see, due to the very lacklustre sales of Bubble Virtuoso (help a guy out here please!) I decided that I need to create more promotional material; at the very least create a trailer of some sort for Bubble Virtuoso.

Admittedly, considering the length of the final video, the making of the trailer dragged out longer than it should. Apart from taking my sweet time, recording myself playing Bubble Virtuoso wasn't easy especially when trying to illustrate the main points of the game (lots, and lots of cuts), so I ended up having to rig the game up to make my recording sessions somewhat easier. At the same time I also had to note down any bugs and/or caveats that I discovered during my rigging so that I can fix them for the game's next update.

With the video finally finished I can move on to other stuff - for the time being I'm keeping the video under wraps as it is part of my "Take 2" promotion push.

What is "Take 2"

"Take 2" is just an arbitrary name that I've just come up with for planned content for my second promotion push.

I won't be disclosing details of the "Take 2" plan, but I will be releasing stuff related to it as a whole package. for the second promotion push At the moment the planned time frame is one-and-a-half months, although rest assured I can't wait until I get to reveal it.

Busy, busy!

Brace yourselves - Hectic times are coming, and the better for it! It is about time that I start getting back into business after a long break so expect more stuff coming up in the coming weeks, here at the Sonic Punch Line!

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