Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Ladies, gentlemen and gamers, I would like to make an announcement...

Sonic Punch Studio proudly announces that after 10 months of toil, Bubble Virtuoso has finally been RELEASED!

That's right guys, the game that I have been chronicling the development of is now finally out into the wilderness! For $1.50 (AUD), you can now get a hold of some bubble-popping challenge!
Get the game here! Drop a review! Don't forget to rate it 5 stars!


Bubble Virtuoso is a not-quite-easy game of popping bubbles. The aim: tap and pop the bubbles on the screen in numerical ascending order to score points.

Sounds easy? Think again! This is a game that rewards speed and accuracy! Mistakes are punished! In order to get the highest score you will need a good eye to find that lowest numbered bubble and fast but coordinated fingers to pop the bubbles in the correct order!

  • Become a Bubble Virtuoso and get the highest score!
  • Bonuses for how well you are performing? Yes, please!
  • Be fast and accurate to enter "Dubble Time"!
  • Feel your reflexes and senses evolve - this is a game with hidden benefits!
  • Can be run on both phones and tablets!

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