Saturday, 20 April 2013

Status Update - OVER 9000!!! (21/04/2013)

Hello ladies, gentlemen and gamers and welcome to another blog update here at the Sonic Punch Line!

Sorry for the lack of updates last week - I was literally killing myself to get a build ready for demonstration at IGDA Sydney's Beer&Pixels!

Just in case some of you guys aren't in the know, the Sydney chapter of IGDA ( holds monthly get-togethers in the form of Beer&Pixels where people from all walks of game development life come together to drink beer, make merry and play test other peoples games. For a lone-developer like me, this was the perfect opportunity for me to publicly announce and spread the word about Bubble Virtuoso and Sonic Punch Studio!

All in all it was a successful night for me - Had people play my game, gained valuable feedback and gained notoriety for rewarding players who broke my high score and getting OVER 9000 points (which was later beaten by your's truly)!

So yeah, fun night it was. Unfortunately it was back to business the next day. Up next -


  • Implemented a new visual effect where a ripple will appear in the background whenever a correct bubble is popped. This is done utilizing a 3rd party plugin called Smart Pool.
  • Implemented a new way on how to notify the player on Bubble Time "ready" - Will need to change it again since the bubbles get in the way.
  • Added punishment system - Players will now lose 100 points each time they pop the wrong bubble.
  • Biggest addition to Bubble Virtuoso is the score result interface that will appear upon game over where additional bonuses will now be awarded based on player's performance.
  • Continuing work on improving and finalizing visuals. Tweaked the colours of the background and the number text on the bubbles - they should be much more easier to read now.
So, that's for now folks! Tune in next week for another update from Sonic Punch Studio - or if you want to keep up to date with whatever shenanigans I'm up to, definitely feel free to follow me on Twitter (@S_Punch_Studio)!

Peace out!

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