Saturday, 6 April 2013

Status Update - Most Productive Week Ever! (7/4/2013)

Hello ladies, gentlemen and gamers and welcome to another update from your's truly here at Sonic Punch Line!

While I'm waiting for my lunch to be heated up here's a short update on what has been happening this past week:

  • Updated and completed the pooling system for both in-game assets and particle effects - the game now runs a lot more smoother!
  • Investigated a long standing bug where playable bubbles sometimes will not pop when tapped. Apparently the cause of it was from the colliders from the backdrop bubbles intersecting with the colliders from the playable bubbles, thus affecting the raycasting needed to pop bubbles. Changed the collider mesh for the backdrop bubbles and moved their spawning depth to be far far away from the ones that players will be interacting with.
  • Messed around with a loading screen and tried to add those backdrop bubbles in it; found out that when the next scene is loading it freezes up the current scene so those backdrop bubbles are now ditched.
  • Implemented the new background and auto-scale system into the menu scene and modified existing FSMs to make sure they are referring to the system.
  • Adjusted difficulty of Bubble Virtuoso - now it's harder to reach scores of 5000 points and above (lol).
And now I'm going to end this blog with the usual, "Whelp, that's it for now." More status updates coming soon so make sure to check back next week here at the Sonic Punch Line!

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