Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bubbles and Zombies (Blog Update 28/4/2013)

Hello ladies, gentlemen and gamers and welcome to another blog update here at Sonic Punch Line!

Getting close now; In just two weeks I will be finishing up the development of Bubble Virtuoso before dealing with loads of press related stuff afterwards. So yeah, exciting times guys!

Status Update:

  • Continuing work on improving BV's visuals. Performed an experiment involving an extra art asset and changing how the bubbles are spawned but realized that it made the screen too busy and also the game too easy. Scrapped it and reverted the changes.
  • Added "Menu" button upon Game Over.
  • Added credits screen at the main menu. This in itself took quite a bit of time to implement and iron out all the bugs.
  • Added a new feature where the player needs to pop the bubbles in numerical ascending order to start a game. Currently still fixing up a bug where the third bubble will always be wrong when trying to start a game again once re-entering the main menu.
Surprise Musings!

For this week's blog update I thought I might share my thoughts about games in general - especially since I haven't really done that recently due to crunching down on completing BV.

The topic of today's musings is something that had been on my head for a while now when I brought the topic up with a friend of mine. Like the time ages go when I realized whilst playing Dynasty Warriors 2 how war can get very ugly, playing zombie apocalypse games (For EG: Dead Frontier and Killing Floor) got me thinking about why the zombie apocalypse genre is so popular these days.

I have one or two theories of my own, completely unbiased from external sources - these are my own thoughts alone. 

One thought that came into mind is that - and correct me if I'm wrong - is that some people may secretly crave for a zombie apocalypse, or any kind of apocalypse in general. I can imagine that in such a setting humanity will be free to do anything and everything they want - basically a "select few" would thrive whilst free from the social norms that exists in normal society. Alas, a zombie apocalypse is pretty much a fantasy as of this moment so zombie apocalypse "commandos" will have to make do with playing zombie apocalypse games - or in one case, a IRL Shooter.

Another thought that came into mind is somewhat linked to the scenario of humanity thriving in an apocalypse setting - or maybe not, but most likely linked to human nature itself. You see, if history have taught us something, it would be that people just like to kill each other. Yes guys, with recent events I would be surprised if you think otherwise, but how does this got to do with zombies? Well, simply put, zombies are really just humans that are either infected by some virus or reanimated by some voodoo magic. Since killing another human is socially unacceptable, what other good excuse to kill another human than to kill a human that is no longer humane or already dead? What I think the zombie apocalypse genre of games are really doing is providing another setting where it is acceptable to kill another human being; much like what first person shooters in general are doing really - feeding humanity's desire to kill.

(Do note that I'm not making any social criticism/comment. Just spilling my thoughts out)

Food for thou- Braaaaaiins!


So ends another blog update for this week. Just a heads up for those who are following this blog, I will not be posting any updates for the next 2 weeks as I concentrate on finishing up Bubble Virtuoso. So until then, wish me luck and see you next time here at Sonic Punch Line!

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