Saturday, 8 December 2012

Very First Punch Line!

Um, hello? *tap tap* Is this thing working? Oh, okay... *ahem, deep breath...*

WELCOME, ladies and gentlemen, to Sonic Punch Studio's blog - the Sonic Punch Line!

- Introductions First

So who and what is Sonic Punch Studio?

Sonic Punch Studio is an independent game development studio currently run by lil' ol' me as I strive to provide the game-loving masses top-quality gaming entertainment of all kinds, shapes and sizes! Sonic Punch is already hard at work on creating a simple but challenging game, but you better believe it when I say that Sonic Punch has got plans for bigger, better and insanely epic games!

Here at Sonic Punch Line, I will be personally delivering you all updates of all the kink behind closed doors and on top of that all the game-related news, updates and thoughts that I may come across. Who knows, I may even chronicle some of my misadventures on some of the games that I play!

So, without further ado... SONIC PUNCH! *... boom!*

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