Sunday, 30 December 2012

Can't think of a title... (Blog Update 30/12/2012)

Holy crap! I've almost forgot that I need to do a blog post today - better do it right now!

Well, of course I could've chosen to do it on another day, but that would set a very bad precedent for myself. If I keep on finding excuses not to do something, I will never do it at all. Therefore it's best to make it part of a routine or habit; much like how I'm trying to drink green tea at specific times of the day...

But I Digress...

Anyhow, onto stuff that happened to me this week; I have tried to do some more work on Bubble Virtuoso during the Christmas week but got hampered by the fact that I had my nephew over for that week. So not much in terms of progress but I do plan to add a couple more features to the existing game structure.

Of problems I've faced during the week, I did face two:

  • Blurry text when using Unity's text mesh, both on mobile and PC. I was using the default font while developing the structure of the game and needless to say, for those familiar with Unity, the lettering was very blurry when scaled up. Despite following tips found on the internet on the issue, nothing I do actually helped. It was until I started looking into importing custom fonts (after receiving a prompt from a friend of mine) that things looked clearer (pun intended). After tweaking some import settings and switching fonts I was seeing clean crisp lettering in my game. Of course, the process wasn't entirely smooth as the platform I was developing for (Android) didn't support dynamic fonts and because of that a few bugs occurred during runtime.
Hey look, readable fonts!
  • The next problem I faced was a bit interesting because it never appeared before until I started to notice it recently. A 3-second countdown usually occurs before the start of a game of Bubble Virtuoso; however it was only until recently that I've noticed that the countdown was skipping counts, so instead of "3, 2, 1, POP!" it was "3, 1, POP!". This particular problem took me a whole day to figure out even with help. In the end the problem was pinpointed to a PlayMaker action called "Wait" where I've setted it to wait for 1 second before proceeding to the next state. However during runtime, after displaying "3" the FSM had done two loops within the next count, bypassing the "Wait" action, which caused the countdown to skip the "2". It wasn't clear what caused this but it was postulated that the "Wait" action wasn't refreshing itself in time for the next count. In the end it was fixed by replacing "Wait" with "Send Event" with a 1 second delay.
Now for Something Completely Different

  • If you're not up to date with MMO news, Age of Wushu ( is currently waist-deep into its second closed beta period and I am loving it so far! This time I have progressed much further than what I had back during the first closed beta, due in part of being in an awesome guild. I will chronicle my misadventures in AoW in the coming weeks so stay tuned!
  • A friend recommended me to try Hotline Miami ( as a study into indie-made games. Before I played it, I was expecting the game to play like other top-down shooters where you just run in and gun down enemies. However, my expectations were blown out of the water when I played the first level. I will be writing about it in my blog update next week!
Alright, that's it from me! Be sure to tune in again to keep up to date with Sonic Punch Studio's shenanigans!

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