Sunday, 16 December 2012

Bubble Bobble Pop! (Blog Update 16/12/2012)

... Yeah, I know the title's lame. Deal with it.

*Ahem* Anyways, welcome to the first update of the Sonic Punch Line, bringing you juicy kinks behind Sonic Punch Studio's (SPS for short) doors!

If any one of you guys are wondering what the heck the title's all about, it's actually about the current project that I'm working. Yes - it involves bubbles. Yes - they do go, "Pop!".

Now before you guys switch off and turn tail, let me explain how the game works:

It's only wave 15 but look at those bubbles fill up the screen!

The bubbles that appears in waves will have sequential numbers on them and the goal is to pop the bubbles in numerical ascending order to successfully clear a wave. Sounds easy enough, huh? Add in the fact that you will have limited time to clear each wave and that the amount of bubbles will increase up to the point that they will fill up your screen and you shall have a lot in your hands as you struggle to reach higher waves. Oh, and don't forget that the starting number is always different for each wave - that and each bubble will appear at different sizes every time. That will keep your brain dancing on its toes.

All of this makes up the core essence of my current project, dubbed "Bubble Virtuoso". 

Bubble Virtuoso is meant to be project aimed at creating a simple but challenging mobile game with simple mechanics, however seeing as I have no prior programming knowledge (I'm primarily an artist and designer) it certainly took a long time to get up to where I am. Bubble Virtuoso is currently being developed using Unity ( with the aid of PlayMaker ( The content of the screenshot  above is just a skeleton base of the game but I certainly hold big plans to develop Bubble Virtuoso into what I and other people would be happy with. So you better stay tuned to this blog if you don't want to miss out on new developments from SPS!

Now for Something Completely Different

On top of developing Bubble Virtuoso I also try to squeeze in some time in catching up with the latest gaming news bites or even just gaming in general. This time around, if you guys are not up to scratch with MMO news, Age of Wushu (published by Snail Games:, a MMORPG based on the Wuxia genre, is currently nearing its second closed beta testing period on December 20 following its first one back at November 15. Apparently, the guys at Snail Games have decided that players with  registered accounts but no VIP privileges which were purchased as a package (as it were required to participate in the first closed beta) are able to participate in the second closed beta for free! As I had immensely enjoyed the first closed beta, I will certainly be in the second one; I'll be sure to post about it in the coming weeks!

Peace out guys! I'll be back next week with new updates at SPS!

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